Meet the artist!

My name is Sadie Mills, I am a passionate nature lover and from the time I was born to today, I have always had a passion for nature and the beauty that our world has to offer! I have lived in British Columbia my whole life and I have always been an enthusiastic hiker! Being someone that loves to hike, I was constantly picking wildflowers and trying to bring them home, they either turned to nothing by the time I got home or only lasted a couple of days before they were dry and dead. I began researching resin and finding the perfect jewelry grade resins to use and quickly discovered that I could turn the beauty of the mountains, trails and wild forests into a beautifull wearable natural art form for all to enjoy. I have always been concerned with the ecological impacts of the fashion industry, and there has been a huge rise in the purchases of resin jewelry. Sadly these plastic petroleum based resins cannot break down, simply turning into micro plastics throughout our oceans and landfills. I strive to provide a sustainable alternative that uses our natural wonders from Vancouver island