Jewelry care

All of my pieces are made strong with fine layers of carefully cured jewelry grade resin that has UV inhibitors built in, this means your piece is water proof, sun proof and will not fade or yellow. 

along this journey I have discovered only a handful of things that can degrade either the resin or the clear nature of the resin: 

- Essential oils should be avoided when handling your piece as they can degrade the uv inhibitor within the resin 

-scraping your piece can cloud it, if you scratch your piece, bring it to be repaired! They are not easy to scratch but in the case this happens, come see me 

-after wearing your jewelry, if you do not sleep with it on, hang it somewhere it will not be lost 

-avoid spraying aerosols and perfumes on your piece as this can degrade the resin over time 

- sterling silver and 14 k gold add both soft metals so avoid flexing jump rings as this can damage them over time. 

- if you wear wool, your piece may appear cloudy after a day of warm sweater weather, don’t worry just rinse your piece and polish it with a microfibre cloth afterwards 

- silver and gold can both tarnish over time, many people love to wear there jewelry in the shower (me), this is totally fine, but invest in a good jewelry polishing cloth if you want to keep your metals and chains from tarnishing and getting that (cloudy) look over time! 

cheers! Happy flower loving