The process of preserving wildflowers

The process of each piece is one that I cherish and much of my own heart goes into each piece I create. 

sustainable/ ethical flower picking 

Every flower is picked in nature on Vancouver island, from Victoria, to Esquimalt, Saanich, port renfrew, Sooke, Sidney, Colwood, Langford and Goldstream. Each flower is carefully chosen and in consideration of this, I only ever take what I need, if there is not an established abundance in a single location I will leave the flowers to grow another day. 

I pick anywhere from 5-25 flowers on a given day and respect that the flowers I am picking have been long respected by the indigenous communities which the land has been stolen from. 


Once I have picked the flowers I then press them in my trusty cook books and leave them for 2-12 days, every flower requires a different press time for optimal results.

 I then lay out and begin to design, once I have a design established I lay by gold or silver bezels out and begin with a fine layer of my eco friendly jewelry grade resin. Once this layer cures I can begin to add many more layers along with my dried flowers, I extract all bubbles with a paint brush and a toothpick.  once this has cured I can create my piece with fine 925 silver hooks, chains or 14-18k gold earring findings and chains.