What makes us ethical and sustainable


Ever consider what resin is made out of? It’s plastic. Our resin is 100 percent raw plant based . Our resin is sustainably made from green clippings and even better it is specificially made for jewelry to last forever. Unlike craft resin our jewelry grade resin will not yellow fade or break!




i am  happy to ensure that all flowers picked in the wild are picked with purpose and are sustainable sourced. All of the flowers that you can purchase from Where Wild Things Glow are local wildflowers from Vancouver island! I do not pick more than I need. ever! 

All of my practices are ethical, from the metals to the chains and resin, my materials are all sourced within British Columbia from other small business owners who use sustainable practices.  


80 percent of the flowers I use are native to Vancouver island. With many invasive plants threatening our biodiversity and native plants that make up our diverse natural province, I feel now, more than ever it is important to preserve our native species. With sustainable practices in mind, and the hope that our native species will thrive on for future generations, if they do not I want you to have something that commemorates the beauty of our worlds original story.